All-Natural, Canadian-Made Products For Hair, Body And Home.

We offer affordable natural products so that people with allergies or sensitivities can find alternatives to conventional products.  Try replacing some home items with our green eco friendly alternatives.

  • Hand Repair – Soothe your dry , cracked,  overworked  hands.
  • Hair Paste – Create a textured look to your hair with light hold.
  • Grounded Natural Deodorant Cream – Keeps you smelling good all day without all the toxic chemicals.
  • Fresh Natural Deodorant Cream – Keeps you Fresh and Foxy all day long.
  • Handcrafted Soap – Maintains moisture in your skin while washing up.


Meet Your Foxy Founder

“Halifax felt like home the second I arrived almost 20 years ago to continue my career in the hairdressing industry. Prior to becoming a stylist, I was a photographer in Toronto in the age of film. Both the hair and photography industries deal with a multitude of chemicals so I’ve become quite knowledgeable about the importance of trying to maintain minimal exposure to toxins. That being said, the creativity and the people you connect with in both these industries is why I’m so passionate about what I do.

 Our first product, The Original Hair Paste was born 14 years ago because my like-minded customers were asking for greener and cleaner choices in a world full of chemical additives! Fast forward to today where savvy customers insist on products containing natural, simple ingredients. You Look Foxy has been listening to their customers right from the beginning. Stay-tuned, because we’re working hard and very excited about developing more natural products, including a You Look Foxy Dry Shampoo!“